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mworld_ooc's Journal

Meta-World OOC
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A science fiction RPG with central focuses on a cyberpunk theme. OOC community
In-Character community

Interlink community



1. Be decent to each other. We're all mature people here.

2. Please try to post as often as you can, at least once a week. If you can't manage this, or go on a hiatus, please let the mods know in advance.

3a. Please posts scenes with another person in 3rd person perfect (I.E.: She was walking down the street, when she heard gunfire.) First person is acceptable, but please refrain from using this style in the RPG. Entries in character journals are in first-person, NO EXCEPTIONS.

3b. Scenes with other characters are to follow this template:
Date: (game starts in July 2137. Seasons vary from planet to planet.)
Warnings: (if any)
Status: (in progress or complete)

Private or open for other players to join

4. Please try to make your character an Original Character. While crossovers are accepted, please make sure to tweak them to fit the RPG's needs.

5. With regards to pairings, we're flexible; we don't care if you play gay, bi, straight or asexual, as long as you make it believable.

6. Put warnings on your scenes. Some players may not want to read threads containing certain issues, and it's only fair to give them that head's up. We're not banning any subject matter, but we want our players to be comfortable, and warnings help with that.

7. This is less of a rule and more of a guideline: if something's making you uncomfortable in the game, let us know. We can't do anything to fix it if we're unaware of it.