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24 August 2007 @ 07:00 pm

Meta-World Glossary

Below lies a series of terms, races, technologies, and planets found within Meta-World. Please note, that while extremely helpful, the terms found below are not the only things found in this RPG. The below list is only to help one with unique or unfamiliar things found herein.


The Interlink: Much like the internet of today's world. The interlink is a vast virtual world that connects every colony member together. The ability to access this world is provided by a series of cables that can either be connected to one's temple by medical electrodes, or alternatively, through a direct link via a cable inserted into the brain-stem. Once connected, a person can be anyone and anything they could possibly imagine, provided they can afford the technology to alter their physical appearance in the Interlink. Much of the planning of a Resistance faction is done here, due to the sheer enormity of this world.

Hyper-Transport: A type of ship engine. When activated, it creates a field of energy that allows the object around it to move at speeds faster than light and not be affected by relativistic side-affects.

Scanner Goggles:  
The appearance of scanner goggles are much like the ones shown above. These goggles work much like a Heads-Up Display, allowing a person to track people, ships, and other things. It also serves as a communication device, with sound playing from small speakers found on either side of the glasses.

Rail Gun: While Mankind has been able to properly use plasma and laser technology in weapons, fighters within Meta-World often find it more useful to use bullets. A railgun is a form of gun that converts electrical energy (rather than the more conventional chemical energy from an explosive propellant) into projectile kinetic energy. It is not to be confused with a coilgun (Gauss gun). Rail guns use the magnetic pressure force to drive a projectile. Unlike gas pressure guns, rail guns are not limited by the speed of sound in a compressed gas, so they are capable of accelerating projectiles to extremely high speeds (many kilometers per second).

Cybernetic augmentation: Electrical implants used to enhance the abilities of a person, animal, or plant. These enhancements are usually minor, and thus does not make a person with such augmentations a cyborg.

Surveillance systems: While not technically a unique feature, The Terran Government uses these systems to monitor their denizens.

Stimulant injectors: Metabolic enhancers, such as steroids. Usually these effects are temporary, and leave the user tired for a long time afterward. Highly addictive in some cases. Stimulants have avaried effect, from making one stronger or faster, to increasing sexual appetite, to even making one able to see in the dark.


Earth Prime: The center of human civilization, and the birthworld of the Terran Dominion. Possibly the most oppressed area in the Dominion. This is the homeworld of the Dominion's parliament, as well as Potentate Sevryn Cromwell. This world's original beauty was marred by the industrial and population growth of the twenty-first century.

Lucia: A solar system located on the outermost edges of the Dominion. The people of this world enjoy an eternal spring, and a sun much like the one found in Earth Prime's system. The majority of this world's population believe in a naturalized existence with as little technological inerference as possible.

Earth Beta: A mountainous planet, similar to pre-overindustrializing Earth Prime but moonless. Its system lies in Dominion space, and
is a Good Address- home of the idle rich, many of whom either have a "let them eat cake" attitude or are rebel-sympathetic in theory, just as long as they don't have to do anything about it.

Solar L3: Orbiting the Sun exactly opposite Earth Prime, this space station was originally a Dominion observation post. In recent years, however, the government's malign neglect of SL3 and those stationed there has caused its residents to look elsewhere for necessary supplies, maintenance, and personal comforts. The Dominion has yet to notice the subversive elements building there, but it's probably only a matter of time...

Lunar L4 and L5 : Space stations that occupy two positions of equal distance between Earth Prime and its moon. Although mainly used as orbiting colonies, these Stations also are receptors and transmitters for the Interlink and a majority of other interstellar means of communication.

The Cordillera: The local term for the asteroid-belt-based colonies as a group. These are mostly mining outposts, heavily occupied by Dominion forces due to the valuable material they produce- especially the one on Ceres, which recently underwent a workers' revolt and is still resentful of its brutal suppression.

Castigatio: A prison colony on Jupiter's moon Europa. Due to its positioning within the system, Castigatio's prisoners tend to live very short lives. As such, Prisoners with death or lifelong sentences get sent to this heavily-guarded prison. There hasn't been a recorded breakout since the moon was colonized.

Ela: The nearest and most politically relevant of the Aigilon worlds, this planet's wide tropical areas host several Pools. The Kendelon operate a spaceport near theirs, and are known to shelter political refugees, while the neighboring Golion are heavily involved with the Dominion government. For some reason, this does not seem to have put undue stress on the Aigilon of either Pool, who still deal quite amiably with each other. Human xenosociologists are still wondering why.

Tharsis: A metallic ghost town- the site of a failed terraforming attempt on Mars in the early days of the Dominion. It has no permanent population, but the lack of oversight and the presence of residual infrastructure makes it a popular short-term hideout near Earth Prime for those who might need one.

New Tortuga: A tropical planet located within Dominion territory. This is perhaps the last truly free planet within Dominion Space, and home to large colonies of what the Dominion has considered undesirable; namely pirates, anthropomorphs, and rebels against the Dominion. The planet's defense systems are arguably the best in the Dominion, as the remote planet has a complex cloaking system that makes it viewable only to those who have been given the access codes to the planet. Laser emplacements riddle the rocky rings of the planet, and there is a surveillance post on each of the planet's seven moons.

The Black Circus: A cyber bar within the Interlink. This bar has restricted-access encryptions encoded into its system, allowing only those with proper access codes within its confines. Many rebels use this place as a meeting ground for strikes against the Dominion.

D'vari-K'taa: The K'taa Home planet's main archives. D'vari-K'taa literally translates into K'taa Memory. Dvari-K'taa is a literal city that contains the relics, weapons, literature, movies, schematics, and countless other informational material of hundreds of races. Those who inhabit D'vari-K'taa are specialized in sorting and finding information for the person who has requested entrance into the city. Most of most of the city is not Interlinked, so one must go there in person, and while the K'taa are mostly happy to let people in, trying to do it by force or sneakiness, or damage or alter anything once there, would be downright suicidal because every K'taa is utterly devoted to its integrity. One is not permitted to take information out of the city, because much of the information stored within is delicate. If one wants to leave with something from D'vari-K'taa, they must take some sort of recording instrument with them. New users of the archive must contribute some sort of information, in order to expand it.


Aigilon: To human eyes, this species resembles nothing so much as overgrown, brightly-colored salamanders. As amphibians, they prefer to live near water, and the name of their basic social group has been translated as the Pool. They have no gender roles, as each individual naturally changes sex every few years, and it is virtually impossible to tell which sex an Aigilon happens to be at the moment without actually having sex with hir. Each issue may consist of millions of roe, many of which will die naturally or be eaten before they hatch into the rather tadpole-like offspring which also tend to die or be eaten. The adult Aigilon don't care much about this until the juveniles are old enough to live on land, at which point they are considered truly Aigilon (the -on suffix indicates someone rather than something) and raised communally by the Pool.

Anthropomorph: A posthuman being that has spliced its genes with that of an animal to take on physical attributes of that animal. The side-effects of this process, such as taking on the temperament of the animal a subject has spliced itself with, has made it highly illegal. Most anthropomorphs are in hiding, due to the fact that any anthro found by the Dominion gains an immediate life sentece to Castigatio without trial.

Meta-Human: Human beings that have undergone some sort of surgery to gain superhuman abilities. There are few approved Meta-surgeries, the only legal use of these enhancements are to cure blindness or impared hearing. Violators of laws against these surgeries vary in degree of punishment, where the minimal amount of enhancement earns one a few years in prison, while extreme surgeries glean a life sentence in Castigatio.

Android: A robot comprised of non-organic parts in the shape of a human. Although used by most humans for various serving positions, some androids are sentient, and inhabit a few worlds within the Dominion.

Bioroid: Simply stated, an android that is comprised of completely orangic material. Debates within the Dominion have raged for years about the ethical situation of Bioroids, and whether they should continue making them, or if they violate moral codes

Bot: Not to be mistaken with "robot." Bots are digital life forms found all over the interlink. They come in many different forms, but are most often humanoid in appearance. Bots act as real-world androids. They are programmed to do specific tasks within the Interlink, usually doing menial tasks, such as bartending or acting as security and virus guards. There are sentient bots, but these are hard to find within the Interlink.

Cyborg: A human with extensive cybernetic augmentation, usually done to enhance one's cognitive skills far beyond the ability of unaugmented beings. Many cyborgs often get illegal implants, oftentimes being hidden weapons, or scanners with performance abilities that are considered illegal for human use. Most cyborgs have little organic matter left in their bodies, usually leaving only their brain in a transformation process. Due to their controversial status in the eyes of the Dominion, many unaugmented or bionic beings view cyborgs as lower class, often attempting to drive them ut of their society. For this reason, most cyborgs have created colonies in systems that are far away from unaugmented humans.

Hybrid: A human who had one parent that was baseline human and another whom was either an alien (rare, almost always the result of gengineering like that used to produce anthros) or a transhuman that passed on some non-baseline genetic material to the child. Most hybrids suffer ridicule for being only half human, and as such may be emotionally unstable. Usually infertile, but not always.

K'taa: The remnants of a technocratic race. These creatures are sentient androids, sympathetic to the Human race. They have a religion of sorts that involved the original, biological K'taa as being their creators. Due to their original goal of understanding their creators as much as possible after losing information of them during a faulty failsafe execution, they now work as diplomats and Smithsonians, preserving information of every sort in the universe.

Galarians: Humanoid creatures whose skin tones seperate themselves in class. Three types of Galarainas exist: Red Galarians, muscular, aggressive people who would rather fight thant talk; Blue Galarians, who are politicians and teachers most often; Yellow Galarians, artists and entertainers; and Grey Galarians, the most common people on the planet. Their abilities can coincide with any of the other three, yet are for the most part the backbone of the Galarian society, doing most manual work.

Iliandr: Thought to be long-separated cousins of the Galarians, this mercantile empire controls relatively little actual territory, but every world they claim is both rich and well-defended. If it can possibly produce any money, they've probably got their fingers in it, unless it seems more danger than it's worth; when they consider a rebellious faction a safe enough risk to sell arms and other supplies to, that's when everyone knows that that faction is going places.


Homo superior: This is not a recognized scientific designation, but certain transhuman groups claim it as a self-descriptor. Most of these groups have very different views of what it means to be H. superior, and loathe the others even more than they do baselines. In a few cases, these groups' ideology verges on the genocidal.

Neo-Marxism: A utopian philosophy popular in the Cordillera, very like its historical precursor with the added tenet that, in an infinite universe, there
surely must be world enough for everyone. Officially and strenuously suppressed by the Dominion government, and considered hopelessly naive by many other rebellious factions.

Haraway Cybernetics: A medical corporation that specializes in the manufacturing and surgical implantation of Cyborg enhancemennts. The philosophy of Haraway Cybernetics is that humanity's next step in evolution is technological, to become gods in their own right. There is a Homo superior faction with Haraway implants, but their militaristic rhetoric has been strongly disavowed by the management.

The Underground: A series of outskirt Dominion planets united in the sole cause of secession from the Dominion. While in the public eye, the governing forces of these planets obey the Dominion; in secret, they prepare for civil war.

The Creed: A religious group born when a virus was released into the vast recesses of the Interlink. Because the tech requires a direct interface to the brain, it leaves the mind susceptible to attack. The Creed virus infiltrates the mind and sends it into a psychedelic state, at which point it implants subliminal messaging. Those who are of the Creed spend most of their time on the Interlink trying to convert others, and all their time in reality programming Creed algorithms into other interfaces. The Creed's physical base is located on Earth Beta, in a remote temple that was created by the first members of the cult. Cameras within this temple duplicate it entirely within the interlink, and holographic imaging places those in the Interlink simulacrum in their exact location in the real temple. People who visit this temple often call the holograms 'ghosts' due to the fact that they seem unaware of people within the temple not of the faith.

The Galactic Commonwealth of Planets: Despite the grandiose name, this interplanetary state is comparatively small and definitely not a major power. Its chief defense against the Dominion is being on the other side of Aigilon space from most Dominion worlds- there's a certain amount of overlap in the form of planets the Aigilon technically own but never use (due to their highly specific climate preferences) and which the citizens of the Commonwealth are perfectly willing to put up with. Its chief defense against other political entities is the same as its main claim to fame- it's a more enlightened alternative to the Dominion, so a number of groups recognize their sovereignty as a means of hedging their bets. The Iliandr may even be providing aid under the table. The current Prime Minister is Dania Escovedo.
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A question about the Galarians! Do they age at the same rate as humans? (i.e. would a 15 year old Galarian be considers a teenager the same as we would consider them teenagers, 25 being young adult, 40+ midlife, etc?)